Duke Hotel, Odessa
Address: 65026, Odessa, Ukraine, Chaikovs’koho Lane, 10
Reception: +38 (048) 705-36_-36, +38 (048) 705-37_-71
Reservation Department: +38 (048) 705-37_-75

The hotel rooms are equipped with elegant Italian furniture, interactive TV, climate control, Wi-Fi, minibar, safe, electronic lock.


Every city should be your face, if it is not, it's not a city. Odessa - unique city like no one else in the world. You want to visit the sights of Odessa?

We offer interesting and educational tours for Ukrainian and foreign tourists, tours in English, German, French and many other languages.

Ourstaff will gladly help you choose one of dozens of excursions, during which you will not only get a lot of interesting information, but also to lookinto the most secluded corners of Odessa.

Car rental

Отель Дюк Одесса рад предложить своим гостям услуги по прокату автомобилей. Мы предлагаем Вам широкий модельный ряд и ценовой диапазон, а так же исключительный сервис.

Получить машину можно на парковке отеля или в одном из пунктов проката наших партнеров.

Для гостей отеля действуют специальные тарифы.


Welcome to Odessa! We will be there to help you the minute you step onto Ukrainian soil.

We have a fleet of automobiles at our guests' disposal.

You can order:


Dry cleaning-laundry is equipped with modern European equipment. In this paper we use the latest technology and the most effective eco-friendly chemicals. High professionalism guarantees a high quality of service and service dry cleaners and laundry products.

Laundry and dry cleaning services are available Monday through Sunday.

Urgent service can be ordered for an additional fee.

Room service

Room service - is the ability to order room service around the clock all kinds of food and drinks on offer at DukeHotel. You can, comfortably ensconced in a room, enjoy a hot breakfast or enjoy any food and drinks that you want to try.

Room service hotel offers you a wide range of food and drinks specially selected to satisfy the most refined tastes. Menu to order can be found in a folder in your guest room. Room service runs around the clock.